Immediate Past Chair of the Entrepreneurs Club

Alexandra Yung

With over 25 years in branding, Alexandra has branded people, products, companies and even a city in China. She understands that a brand is born in the heart, not just the mind; in fact, it permeates the entire being of a person, product or organization.

Alexandra has a unique ability to identify the essence of a brand, distinguish its brand archetype and reveal a brand’s true personality. This enables her to replicate the energetic imprint of a brand experience visually and symbolically, aligning with its defined strategy and brand promise.

Born in Scotland, educated in Hong Kong, Europe, and the United States, Alexandra is a true global citizen of the world. She understands how to build relationships with different cultures and how to create attraction in different market segments.

In 2002, Alexandra founded Creasians, a company that specializes in Brandology, her unique approach that integrates branding with the heart and mind and delivers quality marketing materials in both online and offline mediums. Alexandra’s vision is in creating Sustainable high-end brands, which can make a difference to people, community and the planet.

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